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Top ICO List is an ICO directory that's curated by our internal full-time ICO analysts. Our aim is to identify the best potential Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) for cryptocurrency investors and list them in their respective categories (found below):

It's important to realise that while we try to identify the best and hottest ICOs in our listings, it is crucial to NOT take any resource including Top ICO List as financial or investment advise. You are still required to perform your own due diligence and make investment decisions on your own criteria. We offer a great list of projects we personally believe are worth looking into more aka perform your own due diligence.

Our ICO Review Process

Top ICO List analysts aim to find the best ICO teams and projects to present to our network. 

To find and identify the best of the best, we have had to constantly evolve our evaluation criteria and raise the standards with the growing influx of various quality levels of ICOs. In this article we will disclose what kind of things our analysis team is looking into when evaluating and rating ICOs


To make a proper due dilligence for an ICO some very traditional issues are considered, such as is there an identifiable team behind the project. First of all we look at does the team have the relevant technical, financial, legal, strategy and industry expertise to make a realistic plan and execute it safely. The team composition is very important even though we also understand that the team can be built further after the ICO is finished. It is important to be able to identify the team members' commitment to the project, especially if they are appointed in responsible roles. Previous working positions, networks and client endorsements may have positive effect on the evaluation of the team.

Product / Vision

The presented product or service has to have a lot of utility potential. We are looking for solutions that solve real industry problems and generate competitive advantages by utilizing blockchain technologies. The further the product development is, the more active clients, the more relevant partners, the more information about the business process is available, the better the legal framework has been designed - the easier it is to identify the jewels among the average business proposals. The White Paper has developed into an industry standard and the quality of the white paper has a lot of weight in our review process. The White Paper compresses a lot of information and indicates is the team solving actual client problems, can the team explain the technologies utilized and is the proposal communicated well enough so it can gain wide public attraction.

Token & token economics

After the team and product introductions have convinced us, we will take a deep look at the token economics behind the ICO. Provided materials have to explain in detail why the tokenization model has been chosen to run the business. It has to be clear what benefits do the tokens provide for the early investors and the end users. The distribution and total valuation of the tokens have to be reasonable compared to the business plan and the funds raised during the ICO cannot jeopardize the turnover of the business during the following quartals. Token economics have to make sense and this part of the review usually helps us to discover the true motivations of the ICO teams.

Marketing & community

Even the greatest team with the finest product and best business model will not success without having a good community outreach. Next thing we evaluate is the visibility and supporter base of the project. The social media channels have made it easy to build and evaluate community support. We want to know is the team seriously engaging with its community, supporters and clients; can the people looking for the solution find it easily; is the project presented in a way that it is easy for people to get interested and involved? If the project materials look clear and good, the project is easy to find and open questions get answered quickly - our analysis team is happy.

Based on the case-by-case evaluation we also pay attention to the overall sector growth potential, competition, regional regulatory and other case-relevant issues to ensure that our listings represent the best available ICOs

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