How to use Google to find top quality ICO listing sites

Did you know that all ICO listing sites get the majority of their traffic from Google (the good ones any way).


Today I’m gonna share an actionable technique on how to use Google to find top quality ICO listing sites to get listed on for quality traffic and maximum volume.


Let’s dive straight in shall we?




To start off head over to


Secondly, you want to get into the mindset of ICO investors.


Take off your “ICO marketing hat” and put on your “investor hat” and type in keywords as if you were looking to invest.


Try to search for keywords that investors use when they’re in “hunting mode” aka when they’re looking to discover new ICOs.


If you’re not sure what these keywords are, start off with the highest volume “hunting mode” keyword which is “ico list”.



Put that into the search bar see what shows up.


These are the sites that show up for “hunting keywords”, meaning they’re good places to be listed on.


To expand your list of quality ico listing sites, just click back to the search bar and it will show you the related queries for that search term.




Rinse and repeat.


After doing this for 15-30 minutes you’ll know exactly which sites are showing up for “hunting mode” keywords.



No need to see what’s in page 2 because as the saying goes:


“No better place to bury a body than on the second page of google”


Fun fact: Less than 1% of users view page 2 search results.



Remember to have a spreadsheet or something open, where you write down the sites that keep showing up over and over again.



After doing this, you’ll have a good list of ico listing sites.


If you want to improve the quality of your results, you can do these steps in incognito & select your main target geographical region


Step #1

Start a new session in “incognito” (chrome) or “private browsing” (Firefox). You can find this in the menu bad at the top right hand corner of your browser.


This is done so your previous search history isn’t being taken into account with search results, thus making this process more accurate.


Step #2

Go to


Step #3

Select your search region.


This is important as search results vary greatly from country to country, if you just search straight away you’ll see the results from the country your searching in, and this might not be what you’re looking for.


We’re gonna use “United States” in this example, as the majority of investors are from there.


Click “Settings” in the bottom right hand corner


Select “search settings”


Scroll to “Region Settings” and click “show more”


Select “United States” and click Save



I hope you found this valuable – If something unclear or you need help, feel free to ping me on Telegram


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