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Looking for ICO marketing services? You’ve come to the right place… But first lets recap what ICO marketing is and how it differs from ICO services

ICO marketing vs ICO services

ICO marketing can be defined as any activity that is done in order to raise funds by increasing traffic and conversions of your ICO website. ICO marketing services are bought for this purpose only. ICO services on the other hand, can be anything that relate to the success of the ICO as a project, such as blockchain consulting, smart contract audit, legal consulting, accounting, tokenomics consulting, token management and community management.

ICO Marketing agency: Bull Run Factory

ico marketing agency

ICO marketing strategy plays in important role in reaching the fundraising goals of your ICO. The main benefits of a solid ICO marketing strategy are eliminating wasted marketing budget by addressing ICO weaknesses and optimizing for conversions, getting more visitors to convert into actual investors by optimizing for it and being more likely to hit your hard cap.

The Bull Run Factory ICO marketing strategy consists of four steps:

Step 1. Baseline assessment

A baseline assessment of what's been already done, what's planned, what the available resources are need to be understood before creating a holistic ico marketing strategy.

Step 2: Audit potential weaknesses

Address ICO materials and their weaknesses to increase conversions and eliminate wasted marketing spend.

Step 3: Conversion rate optimization

Create a crystal clear value proposition that explains what the project is about and what it's benefits are for investors. Add prominent 'call-to-action' buttons, optimize signup steps and create nurturing email campaigns to encourage investors to invest even if they didn't straight away.

Step 4. Drive investor traffic

Drive quality investor traffic from Facebook, crypto display networks, press releases, ICO listing websites and crypto-related websites such as Etherscan and Bitcointalk.

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ICO Audit

ico marketing audit

ICO Audit can be beneficial for ICOs that want to make sure they are not missing any pieces of crucial information that their potential investors use to make investment decisions. The primary outcomes of an ICO audit is eliminating wasted marketing budget, getting more visitors to convert into actual investors and having a neutral 3rd party to make sure your ICO marketing materials are on a sufficient level. During the ICO Audit areas that need refining are pointed out and actionable recommendations are given on how to improve them.

Every aspects that investors look at when evaluating whether to invest in an ICO or not, is taken into account during the ICO audit. The ICO audit takes into account the following areas:

1) General information and first impression

2) Whitepaper & Website

3) Team & Advisors

4) Token and tokenomics

5) Vision & Roadmap

6) Project visibility

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ICO listing service

ico marketing listing sites

ICO Listing service helps ICOs to gain a wide online presence in a short time frame and to save time by requiring only one form to be filled for multiple submissions to ICO listing sites. The main benefits besides saving time are performance from quality ICO listing websites and boosting SEO by getting backlinks from relevant cryptocurrency sites to help build ICO domain’s authority in Google’s eyes.

In a nutshell, ICO listing service consists of three steps:

Step 1: Submit information

You fill only one form with your ICO details

Step 2: Get listed

ICO listing service manually submits your information to 200 ICO listing websites

Step 3: Investor traffic

Attract investors to your ICO website from quality ICO listing sites

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