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We'll audit all your public marketing materials and make actionable recommendations to help you convert more visitors into investors
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How does it work in a nut-shell?

1. Our experienced ICO analyst team audit everything that investors look at when evaluating whether to invest into an ICO or not.

2. Based on these findings they make actionable and justified recommendations to help you convert more visitors into investors.

3. They then compile all the recommendations into a 20-30 page audit report and jump into a 2-3 hour consultation meeting with you to discuss and strategize about the findings.

Professional 3rd Party Perspective

Get a fresh set of eyes from a neutral 3rd party to represent investors perspective for your ICO materials

General ICO Marketing Material Audit Outline

Team of professional ICO analysts will work through an extensive checklist of all the things that investors look at when evaluating whether they will invest or not

General information

First impressions are evaluated. How clearly you explain what your ICO is all about and which problem it is trying to solve. If this is not clear, the investor moves to another project. . . You'll receive pointers on how to make this clearer if needed. How the big idea behind your ICO is presented and structured.

Whitepaper & website

The level of professionalism in your materials, visuality and graphics are analysed, including evaluating the level of your business plan and technology presentations based on key criteria.

Team & Advisors

Profiles of your team members and advisors are evaluated, taking into account your team’s track records from both business and technology point of views.

Token and tokenomics

Your token stats, token model and allocation plans are assessed according to key criteria selected by Top ICO List analysts.

Vision / plans / roadmap

Your vision, plan and market opportunity are evaluated together with conducting a scenario analysis on the roadmap based on different caps being reached (soft vs. middle vs. hard cap).

Project visibility

Your project visibility is evaluated with multiple criteria, including but not limited to: social media community engagement, search engine search results and media coverage on social media.


Your project summary is presented in the form of SWOT-analysis combined with our actionable improvement plan.

The actionable improvement plan not only includes the areas where you need improvement, but also points out the priorities on which areas you should focus on first.

By fixing these items you can achieve the maximum return for time spent on further improving your ICO materials - in case you are in a hurry, you can prioritize to fix only the items marked as top priority.

Don't take our word for it. . .
See what our customers are saying:

Anton Dunaev

Chief Business Developer Officer


The team was impressed with the thorough analysis of our project from TopICOList. Apart from the general guidance for ICOs, it has included the approximate expectations of our project in the market, which helped us understand the sections that needed greater attention and effort.

We certainly recommend TopICOlist's auditing services. The team is extremely friendly and professional at the same time. They look into the project within the framework of the market situation and provide justified feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Thanks again, guys!
Read more about the CINDX audit on Medium

Mark Lloyd

Managing Director


Top ICO list was an absolute pleasure to work with and they provided a full audit on our ITO website and documentation within the agreed timeframe.

Their recommendations were detailed and provided good insights into some of the changes that would benefit our ITO.

We would highly recommend working with them.
Read more about the Dominium audit on Medium

Pascal Lauria

Chief Executive Officer


I loved the insights the Top ICO List analysts brought to us. We ended up pausing the ICO until we had fixed all their improvement suggestions, because we felt like they would have such a big impact on the overall success of the ICO.

I can honestly recommend getting audited to all ICOs.

These guys will go through ALL the materials and find anything that might be sucking away investments and bring you actionable suggestions to fix them.

Highly recommended!

CoinAnalyst sold out their pre sale in 9 days after launching. They raised $1,000,000.

Walter Schleschitz

Chief Marketing Officer


The audit showed the analysts had really looked into the Grapevine ICO from all angles - it was 23 pages long!

I appreciated they took the time to jump into a call with me to go through and clarify all their recommendations. They proved to have a full understanding of all ICO related topics and I agreed with all their recommendations. We are in the process of implementing them now.

Grapevine highly recommends Top ICO List to any ICO who’s serious about not wasting marketing budget.

You guys really rock and proof the combination of professionalism, business, kindness, courtesy and respect.

Investors have started demanding more from ICOs

In 2017 things were easier. . .

. . . ICOs could just put together a whitepaper and website with an anonomous team and raise millions. But because many of them turned out to be scams or just general money losers things have changed. Not to mention the surge in the sheer amount of projects available for investors to choose from.

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Is It Too Late To Make Your Fortune In Cryptocurrency ICOs? | Forbes

All of this simply means ICOs are fighting for attention and everything needs to be top notch if you're hoping to meet your soft-cap, not to mention hard-cap. You don’t want the wake-up call to happen for your ICO after it’s too late!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer to a query below, don't hesitate to contact us

What is the most common recommendation you make?

The most common recommendation is to add missing pieces of crucial information that investors use to make investment decisions. These are low hanging fruit that are easy to implement but make a big impact.

How long does the audit take?

The audit process is pretty extensive - however we guarantee to deliver you a full auditing report within 5 days after payment.

Are you available for a call?

Let's jump into a quick Skype or Google Hangout meeting with you to go through anything that might be on your mind.

What are you waiting for?


Don't miss out on investments due to silly and easily fixable problems

Peace of mind that common problems have all been been identified and fixed

No wasted marketing budget. Don't waste money on getting traffic before getting common issues fixed

100% money back guarantee if not satisfied