How ICO Analysts Rate ICOs?

In this post I’m going to explain how our rating/grading works and what each number in the rating breakdown means.


ICO Rating Spreadsheet


Each ICO needs to score at least a “B” grading or above 2.5 as a rated average to be listed on Top ICO List. This qualification is done via our rating system which I’ll breakdown for you below.


Each ICO goes through a 32 item rating checklist and are given a number for each rating item. The total weighted number (not all questions are equal so we attribute more weight to some) is the ICOs total rating and based on the rating a grade is given.


Total checklist score to grading scale:




Here’s what each number in the rating breakdown means:


Rating Category1 criteria2 criteria3 criteria4 criteria5 criteria
Team legitimityVery poorPoorOKGoodExcellent
LinkedIn ProfilesNon-existentPoorOKGood, sufficient for each aspect.Excellent, all aspects covered.
Background of Lead Team MembersUnverifiable (e.g., no online profiles).Fragmented or inconclusive.Minimally sufficient.Verifiable relevant experience.Accomplished, recognized.
Team Assembly and CommitmentHaphazard or uncommitted.Lacking in key areas.Mostly assembled and committed.Fully assembled and committed.Skilled and balanced, fully committed.
Team Skill Set RelevanceUnrelated or irrelevant, if any.Lacking or inconsistent.Correlated to project requirements.Well suited to project requirements.Meeting and exceeding project requirements.
Team Skill Set Balance (biz / tech / blockchain)Severely skewed.Somewhat skewed.Somewhat uncertain, probably okay.Good, sufficient for each aspect.Excellent, all aspects covered.
First ImpressionNon-existentPoorOKGoodExcellent
Potential of tokenization modelNon-existentPoorOKGoodExcellent
Blockchain DevelopmentNone; simple Ethereum based coin.Some smart contract functionality.Automation; making something easier to do.Innovative use of blockchain technology.Novel blockchain and service.
Disruptive Blockchain AdvantageNone or indeterminate.Some, but not much.Potentially disruptive.Generally disruptive.Fundamentally disruptive.
Need for a Custom Token (vs. BTC or ETH)None really, just fundraising.Some, mainly network effect.Issuing a custom token is justifiable.Token is essential to platform.Real, tangible, utility-based value.
System Decentralization (besides token)Essentially centralized.Centralized with some plans to decentralize.Hybrid; decentralized as far as circumstances allow.Mostly decentralized.Fully decentralized.
Contribution to Blockchain EcosystemNone really, or unknown.Meh, okay.Interesting.Captivating.Wow.
Hard CapVery poorPoorOKGoodExcellent
Token allocation + Fund allocationVery poorPoorOKGoodExcellent
Professionalism of the available materialVery poorPoorOKGoodExcellent
ComprehensivenessIt's a brochure.Insufficient coverage.Covers most key issues; a few holes.Satisfactory coverage, well written.All issues addressed coherently.
ReadabilityI still don't get it.Difficult, tech / marketing babble.Readable, takes some time.Easy to read and understand.Crystal clear. Enjoyable.
TransparencyDeliberate obfuscation.Ambiguous non-disclosure.Basic honesty with some hype.Informative disclosure.Candid openness.
Business Plan PresentationSeverely lacking.Missing critical information.More information required.Clear, well thought out, realistic.Thorough, viable, convincing, promising.
Technology PresentationSeverely lacking.Missing critical information.More information required.Clear, well thought out, realistic.Thorough, viable, convincing, promising.
Realism of the roadmap compared to the team size and budgetVery poorPoorOKGoodExcellent
ConcretenessNo concrete plans or milestones.Vague, noncommittal.An overall plan, major milestones stated.Down to earth.Professional.
FeasiblityA pipe dream.Very ambitious.Optimistic.Realistic.All bases covered.
VisionFounders' instant gratification.Riding the current wave.A trend with potential.Long term.Paving the way for the future.
Dependencies (other services or capabilities required)Not-yet-available or questionable.Not fully available or trustworthy.Imperfect but available, or using substitutes.Available and trusted.Available, trustworthy, recognized.
Current PositionNowhere yet.Critical obstacles ahead.Getting there.Past a few hurdles.Well on the way.
Partnership networkVery poorPoorOKGoodExcellent
Background of the managing organizationNo registered company yet.Initial stages of formation.Company structure in place.Established with some fundraising history.Well established, has raised significant funds.
Size of social media communitiesNon-existentPoorOKGood, sufficient for each channelExcellent, sizable communities
Reviews on other ICO sites and mediaNon-existentPoorOKGoodExcellent
Is it easy to find the relevant information from the provided materials?Very hardHardOKEasyVery easy


We go through such an extensive and laborious process to vet that we only list projects that are serious and have potential.


Do not mistake our rating as investment advice, remember to do your own due diligence as well!


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