Cryptocurrency Terms: 50+ Must-Know Crypto Terms

Started just recently in crypto and hearing all types of crypto lingo thrown around on Telegram


Don’t worry, as you’ve just found the perfect guide to help you out, covering the meanings of
most used +50 must-know terms in the crypto world.


Since many players have started using crypto in poker & trading, we wanted to help them out with
understanding the most common terms. You will get familiar with them in to time!


Glossary of all Cryptocurrency Terms

The identifier of a crypto wallet. Similar to banks, all different crypto wallets have their unique
addresses. Be careful to send only Bitcoins to bitcoin addresses, and Ethereum to ether addresses!

Other cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. Derived from word alternative cryptocurrencies.

Buying and selling simultaneously for profit. Arbitrage is based on market inefficiencies.

All time high, meaning the highest price of a crypto or portfolio so far.

A person who has bought crypto at a high price and is holding onto their tokens, waiting to sell once
they can reach break/even.

A batch of transactions which are recorded on the blockchain.

Digital ledger that holds the records of all transactions. Most cryptocurrencies are based on
blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Maximalist
A person with strong belief that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency worth caring about.

Bitcoin to the moon
A phrase used to describe future rise of Bitcoin price to new ATH.

Block reward
Amount of crypto you get when successfully mining a block of the currency.


Bollinger Band
A margin around the price of some specific crypto that is used for indicating whether the coin is
overbought or oversold.

Expecting that price will increase.

Expecting that price will decrease.

CEX – Centralized Crypto Exchange
A crypto exchange operated by an entity which has full control over the operations of the exchange.

Cold Storage
Storing crypto offline for increased security.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This type of organization operates without a central
authority, and the rules of the organization are encoded on a computer program.

Decentralized apps built on top of blockchain technology. No central authority operates these apps.

Decentralized exchange. Operates without a central authority.

Decentralized Finance is a monetary system based on public blockchain and has no involvement of a
centralized party.

Digital Address
Digital addresses are used represent crypto wallets. You can send crypto to anyone if you know their
digital address. All addresses consist of 27 to 34 letters and numbers.

Digital Wallet
A wallet that is used for storage of digital currencies, usually installed on a PC, mobile app or some
remote server.

A place where you can buy & sell crypto, for example Coinbase.

A currency issued by a government, such as the Euro.

A potential future event where an altcoin overtakes Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency measured
by market capitalization.

Fear of Missing Out. Often leads to chasing a pump of some crypto.

A blockchain diverging into two potential paths forward is called a fork.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. FUD is often spread on social media or mass media.

A unit in Ethereum blockchain that measures the amount of computational effort that it will take to
execute certain operations

Going long
A margin trade that profits if the price increases.

Going short
A margin trade that profits if the price decreases.

Hash Rate
The speed of computer being used for maining a specific coin.

An event that halves the rate at which new Bitcoins are created. Halving occurs once every four

Hold On for Dear Life. A state of mind for many crypto investors who never want to sell their

Initial Coin Offering. The first public event for putting a coin or a token on the market for purchase.

Initial Exchange Offering. Same as ICO but administered by an exchange on behalf of a crypto

Limit order
Order placed by a crypto trader to be executed once the price meets a certain measure.

Know Your Customer. Required from customers by ICOs and exchanges for regulatory reasons.

Market Cap
Total circulating supply times price of each coin

Market order
Purchase or sale on an exchange at the current price.

MyEtherWallet. A free open-source wallet for Ethereum users.

The process of attempting to solve the next block of a crypto. Typically requires a huge amount of computing power.

Mining rig

A computer designed for mining cryptos.

A price of the crypto going up heavily.

A computer that possesses a copy of the blockchain and is in the process of maintaining it.

Proof-of-stake (PoS)
The proposed future consensus algorithm that will be used by Ethereum.

Proof-of-work (PoW)
The current consensus algorithm that is in use by Ethereum.

Private Key (Seed)
A sort of password used for accessing funds in a crypto wallet.

An extraordinary large increase in a price of a crypto.

Pump & Dump
A scheme where the price of the coin is artificially inflated over a short time period before selling it
quickly. Usually happens with low market cap cryptos only.

Return on investment. Tells the percentage of how much money was made compared to original
investment. 100% ROI means you have doubled your money.

The cent unit of Bitcoin, named after the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Software wallet
Storage for crypto-currency that exists only as software files on a computer.

A scaling solution for blockchains.

Desperately advertising some specific crypto, usually in the hopes of making their own bags rise in

An altcoin that may lose it’s value because the altcoin itself was not created in good faith, or because
the price of the coin was based purely on speculation.

Smart contract
A computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance
of a contract to happen automatically once predetermined conditions are met.

A language tool that takes human-readable code and turns it into implementable smart contracts on
blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum.


A class of cryptocurrencies that offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset, such as US

Technical Analysis. Is used for analyzing historic price and volume trends to predict the future price
movements of crypto.

A unit of value based on a blockchain.

Total Market Cap
The sum of all cryptocurrency market caps.

A secure vault for digital assets, where you can store Bitcoins, Litecoins, passwords, logins and keys.

The smallest denomination of ether.

Whale (Bitcoin Whale)
Someone that owns huge amounts of cryptocurrency. Usually a whale is an early adapter of crypto.

A comprehensive report or guide designed to inform readers about the specifications of a specific
crypto project.

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