The job marketplace of the future

AI-driven platform Conn3x uses blockchain technology to develop a new way of job mediation

The success of the blockchain technology, which is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is a result of its  speed, safety and reduced cost. So far blockchain has primarily been used to change the way of transaction of businesses and people. But there is a huge development as the technology has a lot more to offer: In the last few years the use of blockchain jobs has extended to other sectors – both financial and non-financial. Nowadays the technology is disrupting the marketing as well as the health and energy sector and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the main goal of many companies.

AI seems to be the most important step to compete in an dynamic digital world.

The success of blockchain-based startups has already been ensured by the features of this progressive technology. Now Conn3x, a decentralized and AI-driven platform, uses the new possibilities to create the job marketplace of the future. In this way Conn3x wants to optimize search and payment processing which used to require a lot of effort and time – apart from the fact of the questionable security.

The traditional way of hiring personnel and of finding a job depended on head-hunters, job exchange platforms or B2B platforms. Today people start to trust more and more in the skills of professional social networks or special online platforms, which have proved their efficiency.

But how does Conn3x work and what makes it this progressive?

One of the main reasons for the exclusiveness of Conn3x seems to be ‘James’. James has a lot in common with voice-controlled applications like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri and serves as a personal Job Butler. It is basically the AI-module of the platform and it helps the users with the search of the most perfect matching job. That means James can create offers and end up with the payment processing. Of course James cannot only be used by job seekers but also by employers, who are searching for applicants with the skills they expect.

The two major parts of Conn3x are ‘Conn3x Coin’, which is the decentralized payment unit, and the user database. The platform has the claim to become the most successful and smartest AI-platform for jobseekers and companies. The team behind Conn3x promises to provide cost-effective, global and unlimited solutions and therefore it has done a long-term research to analyse the challenges of the current providers.

These are the most important qualities of Conn3x:

  • Applicants have total control on their profile information shown to specific recruiters, which ensures their anonymity
  • Blockchain technology and smart contracts make the platform secure and fast without the need for a third party
  • Low cost and optimized process of head-hunting
  • Interface for fast exchange and usage of best practices of popular cryptocurrencies
  • Rewarding of the active users to provide incentive to take part in the development of the platform

Own cryptocurrency and reward program for the users

The cryptocurrency ‘Conn3x Coin’ can be used for all services in the network and offers fast international processing, a high transaction security and automated payment transactions with smart contracts. The system is also able to mediate projects and vacancies at a reasonable cost. For jobseekers the application will be free, recruiters will only have to pay in case of a successful mediation.

Another sepcial tool of Conn3x ist the reward program, which can be used by candidates and recruiters. There will be rewards for maintaining an organized and updated profile as well as for reporting frauds and reviews. All these measures serve the purpose of creating benefits for the users to help solve the problems of the job marketplace.

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