Social Network Automation for Blockchain Developers

A ticket to Social Media for Blockchain developers

A platform that allows any blockchain enterprise to communicate, get information, analyze and monitor social networks launches its ICO beginning of December. Using Social Ether, entrepreneurs will be able to achieve real social media reach, without losing blockchain benefits.

Sether will enable developers to build a new breed of blockchain services that take full advantage of the information available in social networks: bounty campaigns, loyalty programs, customer targeting, referral programs, coupon discounts, proof of action, proof of marketing etc. Basically anything you can imagine.

The blockchain is ready for more

The blockchain business is booming, with new ICO’s getting financed every day, offering smart-contracts and token based services. It’s a haven for any entrepreneur that finds a way to decentralize a product, business or online application, to the benefit of all blockchain and cryptocurrency users.

Its great appeal comes from the security, trust and equity offered by smart-contracts. Away with the real world uncertainty! But while the blockchain community grows, it still has a long way to go in terms of customer reach, impeding outside market penetration due to security issues and its sealed structure.

This poses a real problem to any blockchain venture, as access to social media and the outside community is vital to any online business development. The chance for any decentralized business to integrate and use smart-contracts that link the user to outside social media is clear to many. What we lack is efficient solutions to address these problems.

Eyes wide open, for new business possibilities arise, on and off the blockchain

Sether is a blockchain service that offers social networks access to blockchain businesses. It allows them to build a new breed of blockchain services that take full advantage of the information available in social networks for bounty campaigns, loyalty programs, customer targeting, referral programs, and coupons, also providing proof of marketing and proof of action solutions and opening up numerous possibilities to extend any blockchain business into the real world.

The purpose of Sether is to remove the final, most important impediment to blockchain growth: social media reach. With the services it provides, any business can use smart contracts to regulate its transactions, grow and understand its market and motivate its clients at the same time.

The blockchain and big data analysis, a very profitable match

Apart from access to social networks, Sether also provides custom analytic and monitoring capabilities for blockchain operations and enterprises. Users can run custom queries on social network data to get desired insights, find influencers, see the reach of their posts, create watchlists to be notified when certain events happen and see the sentiment of various social network items such as posts, messages, pages, events and more.

All of this will be at the disposal of any blockchain business. The SETH Token will be used for all platform services and transactions.

The Platform

Sether will provide an API that will be available to all blockchain developers. They intend to support the Ethereum mainnet and testnets, Bitcoin, Rootstock, private Ethereum-based chains (such as Monax) and will also make their API available to off-blockchain applications. They will also release a developer console for developers to test their interface to Sether.

The platform will offer access to their API using a monthly subscription model, but anyone can use the API and pay for each call if they want to. The fees are quite competitive, which should incentivize businesses to use the service.

The Competition

Sether is the first to launch this kind of service. There are currently no competitors but probably more will emerge soon. It has quite big potential, given the fact that businesses and even future ICOs can use their services to engage social media into their business model.

Where can you buy SETH Tokens?

The ICO pre-sale will be launched on 4h of December, and it will continue with the crowdsale from January 15th. The company is preselling tokens at a discount price for large volume purchases, details about the process are available on their website.

The team working on Sether is bent on releasing the alpha version in January 2018. You can tune in to the product development statements and reports on their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels, or subscribe to their weekly newsletter.


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