Natmin Pure Escrow Now Listed on BitMart Exchange

BitMart Mission X: The Community Listing Market offers Natmin community an additional avenue to invest


October 12th Brisbane, Australia. Natmin Pure Escrow, a decentralized blockchain start-up providing escrow services, has announced its NAT Token is now listed on BitMart Exchange, currently ranked #21 for daily volume. By utilizing BitMart’s Mission X program, the Natmin community has rallied together to get Natmin listed as a NAT/BMX trading pair. This listing gives US citizens an opportunity to invest in Natmin as current laws prevent them from participating in the Public Sale directly.


Speaking of the listing, Jaco Swanepoel, CEO and Founder of Natmin Pure Escrow said:


“We want to applaud BitMart for bringing such an awesome community initiative like Mission X to life. We are proud to be part of such a great program and we also want to say a big thank you to our community for making this listing possible.”


BitMart’s Mission X program allows users to invest BMX in projects they would like to see on the exchange. Once a project reaches an investment of 1 million BMX it becomes listed on the Community Listed Market. If a project does well enough on the Community Market, it has the chance to be placed on BitMart’s main exchange.


The Natmin Token (NAT) is a digital token with a limited supply that powers the escrow system. It will be used to fund transactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring utmost security and peace of mind. It is built on the widely used and accepted ERC20/ERC223 standard.


The Natmin Public Sale is still ongoing, and tokens purchased from the website currently offer a 10% bonus until 30th November. Register on the website and complete your KYC to take advantage of this bonus.


About Natmin Pure Escrow


Conventional Escrow Services provide a middleman who oversees every aspect of a transaction. While this provides more security than transacting blindly with another person, it also leads to large transaction fees and an increased chance for fraud.


Natmin Pure Escrow has solved this problem. Built on the transparent and immutable blockchain, Natmin removes the human factor by utilizing smart contracts to act as the middleman. This drastically reduces the transaction fee and removes the possibility of fraud — a smart contract doesn’t need to be paid and it can’t be bribed.


If you would like to find out more about our project, please visit our website or check out our whitepaper and pitch deck.

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