What is BlueOcean?

The tech industry is rapidly growing. BlueOcean Coin allows you to participate in that growth story by directly investing in an asset-backed token that includes the best medtech companies in Switzerland and Europe.


BlueOcean Ventures’ team has invested in 30+ companies of which several have been successfully exited and 9 have been financed through the team’s first fund BlueOcean Ventures I, since 2008. Before launching BlueOcean Ventures I, BlueOcean team successfully held positions in strategy, finance and senior management in large corporations and start-up companies.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of BOV?

The main value drivers behind BOV are the dividends issued to token holders on the exits from portfolio startups, as sale proceeds of those extits are used to buy back investor’s tokens which is essentially 100% profit sharing.


What is Cryptune?

Cryptune is a software development company, focused on payment processing. They create software to make systems and processes easier and more secure, the mobile industry is growing everyday and Cryptune is building solutions to make payments more flexible and interconnected to the many different outlets and channels.


Cryptune has engineered a Point of Sale Software that runs in different devices. Cryptune’s software is focused in payment processing, these payments can be Traditional Credit and Debit Cards as well as Cash or Cryptocurrency, more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies can be used to make payments using the Cryptune Software. Cryptune has two tokens, one is a utility token CPT used to reward our consumers and members of our ecosystem and our security token CPTS this token is the one offered on this Token sale and it’s attached to our company shares which will pay 5% revenue dividends and has been accepted and will be published at Bancor as soon as the STO ends on February 11th, 2018. Cryptune also has an aggressive innovative Reward system in place to compensate consumers, merchants and sales organizations through our CPT utility Token.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of CPTS?

The main value drivers behind CPTS are the dividends issued to token holders on the earnings from Cryptune Management LLC, which is stated in the whitepaper to be 5% of net revenue of the company.

Tokenmom exchange

What is Tokenmom exchange?

We accomplished many features already and our exchange launched finally and it’s free service for users to trade their tokens or ICO tokens earlier.


Tokenmom Exchange allows all tokens(Ethereum based ERC20 and ERC721) to be traded. No signup, deoposit and withdrwal required. Only with importing user’s existing wallet, creating new tokenmom wallet or logging with Metamask wallet, users can trade their tokens in realtime anywhere, anytime with PC and Mobile.


The best advantage is that users can trade all ethereum based tokens, even if they are not listed on exchange market.


Although the decentralized exchanges are growing around the world, since only market-listed tokens are available for trading, ICO investors have been waiting for their tokens to be listed on the exchange. Tokenmom has made it possible for users to trade all ethereum based tokens via their personal wallets in real time, regardless of the exchange’s listing. This is a big difference from other decentralized exchanges. In addition, even if tokenmom exchange is hacked or closed, it does not have to worry about it because users own still the tokens in their personal wallet. Users only need to thoroughly manage their personal wallet security


What are the value drivers behind the token price of TM?

The main value drivers behind TM are the underlying technical solutions and use cases, such as the TM holders being able to vote for token listing, suggest tokenmom new features and can trade TM coin with other tokens.


What is Wibx about?

Wibx is the utility token that aims to revolutionize the exchange relationships between brands and consumers, transforming social networks users into digital influencers. Wibx is the native token and the mean of exchange of the WiBOO platform, a sophisticated and well-structured ecosystem that offers new perspectives for the conventional marketing strategy models, such as sales activation and customer loyalty, using the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).


WiBOO presents the concept of “SHARED, RECEIVED, PURCHASED, EXCHANGED”: users are rewarded in Wibx for sharing in their social networks campaigns and offers that brands publish in the ecosystem. Users will be able to use the earned Wibx to buy goods and services in the WiBOO marketplace, or convert their coins into fiat money or other cryptocurrencies in an exchange.


The platform provides market data with unprecedented efficiency, in addition to collaborating with digital inclusion in an accessible and open model. All with clear and easily auditable statistics: blockchain rule establishes that all transactions will be tracked and recorded in a universally accessible ledger distributed with historic proof, which fights execution fraud during digital engagement and other stages of currency circulation through an immediate validation, settlement and low costs processing.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of WIBX?

The main value driver behind WIBX token price is the demand for the goods and services that can be bought with WIBX.


What is RigoBlock about?

Rigoblock is a blockchain protocol that makes it possible for anyone to set up and run a decentralised token pool. Offering modular and abstract software, Rigoblock enables any developer to personalise the blockchain protocol and build their own applications. Coupled with their proof-of-performance algorithm which rewards operators based on the assets and performance of the pools they are running, Rigoblock turns the traditional model of asset management on its head, eliminating management fees and performance fees from the funds.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of GRG?

The main value drivers behind GRG token price are the demands for access to the portal, incentive mechanism and governance. These mechanisms work as following:


Users looking to access the portal are required  to hold 1 GRG token. This limits the access of malicious actors to the portal and is a safeguard measure for the users.


The Proof-of-Performance algorithm automatically rewards the pools operators. In order to qualify for the reward, each pool  operator must hold a dynamic minimum amount of GRG tokens.


The parameters of the Proof-of-Performance algorithm, which determine the resulting overall inflation, are set by the token holders. The rationale is based on game theory: token holders have an incentive to set the parameters to 0, in order to create 0 inflation and maximize the token’s unitary value. However, since the RigoBlock protocol has a model which continuously puts in circulation 5% of the newly generated tokens, which are used to further develop the ecosystem and attract external actors, the GRG token holders have an incentive to set the minimum parameters which allow for optimal network functioning.


What is Encrybit about?

Encrybit the trending cryptocurrency exchange: Based on the reviews we’re getting for Encrybit, 80% find this project to be unique and conceptual for traders. They got a chance to demonstrate Encrybit exchange prototype with more than 500 proficient traders and VC’s with 70% positive responses and many of them are already involved contributing their time and assets in this project.


Encrybit is creating war of competition among traditional exchanges Social Trading, Smart Alert, Crypto Radar, Broad Order Book, Coin Comparison, P/L Report are some of the features which will solve most of the issues we came to know from the surveys in the market. Encrybit has Demo trading which will help users to self-learn and make trading strategies. In a nutshell, the functions and features they’re including are supportive and useful for every type of traders (VC’s, Professional & Beginners).


What are the value drivers behind the token price of ENCX?

The main value drivers behind ENCX token price are the token buyback and burn program which is funded with 10% of total quarterly profit, 50% discount on trading fee by using the ENCX token and 40% of coin listing fee charged in ENCX tokens. All of these drivers positively affect the token price especially in the long-run.



What is 4ARTechnologies?

With our powerful image-authentication software, they render artworks forgery-proof. This new authentication standard logs an artwork’s unique fingerprint, its history and provenance on the blockchain – balancing the industry’s need for greater transparency with state-of-the-art security.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of 4ART?

The main value drivers behind 4ART is the demand for the uses cases the 4ART token offers for token holders. There are two main benefits of having MBN tokens. The 4ART coin is the nucleus of the 4ART ecosystem and the means of payment for any service or sale carried out on the platform – from initial scanning right up to all other services offered through the platform. Any crypto or fiat currency that is to be invested in the 4ART platform must first be exchanged into the 4ART coin. For this, we offer convenient payment via credit or debit card. It is important here to highlight that the 4ARTcoin is a utility token according to the definition of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).



Membrana  will launch IEO with ABCC Exchange in June 3rd

#️ IEO metrics:

Dates: 3rd June, 12:00 (UTC+8) — 9th June, 12:00 (UTC+8)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MBN

Available for sale: 42,500,000 MBN

Sale price: $0,015

IEO hardcap: $600,000

Purchase available in: USDT


12% for first 10,000,000 MBN (1st round)

8% for next 10,000,000 MBN (2nd round)

5% for next 10,000,000 MBN (2nd round)

Last 10,000,000 MBN without bonus.

➡️To check full ABCC’s IEO General  Information click here. (


Presenting new economy of the project – Tokenomics 2.0

What is the new?

1) Total hardcap $3mln

2) Increased vesting period for team, advisors, early investors

3) Community Operated Fund (COF) established

4) Added more direction for Utility: staking reward, margin contracts, governance

5) Staking reward in BTC and MBN. For presale participants, stacking is automatically enabled for their purchased amount from the purchase date.


What is ioeX?

The solution built on the framework of a distributed network, ioeX integrates the internet, IoT, and blockchain. ioeX provides companies in the smart device supply chain with better data transmission, file transfer, and information communication capabilities.


With smart device software updates as its point of entry, ioeX helps enterprises significantly reduce operating costs. Device users can get IOEX coin rewards for sharing bandwidth and data storage on the ioeX network. The IoT network drives the value network, and bootstrap node business partners share the benefits.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of ioeX?

The main value driver behind ioeX token price is the demand for the use cases of tokens on the ioeX ecosystem.


What is Desico?

DESICO will enable to invest in Security Token Offerings (STOs) issued by the most promising blockchain startups, and get quarterly payouts from their revenue. DESICO will operate a securities exchange, which will provide immediate listing and liquidity  for the security tokens after completion of an STO on the DESICO platform. DESICO will also operate a crypto/fiat payment system, which will allow the DESICO community to manage their crypto and fiat holdings within the platform.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of Desico?

The main value drivers behind DESI are the underlying token holder benefits, as DESI token holders will receive a revenue share of 12.5% of DESICO’s gross income over the next 30 years. Payouts will be quarterly, with no cap on the revenues. It is a 30-year Revenue Participation Note that is callable after 5 years at any time.