Easy Feedback Token

What is Easy Feedback Token?

Easy Feedback Token “EFT“ was created to reward people who communicate useful and private feedback from www.EasyFeedback.com to improve products, services and processes of companies and institutions. “EFT“ can be exchanged for products, services, cryptocurrencies or money at a market price.

The “EFT“ token will be sold through an IEO (Inital Exchange Offering). Maximum number of days for the completion of the sale of the “EFT“ Token on March 15, 2020.

How do we earn money?


The gateway for sale our subscription to Easy Feedback PRO for business and legal advice… and the analysis of the data that is generated.

Easy Feedback PRO

The Easy Feedback PRO subscription is a business tool to help to achieve customer care excellence.

Legal advice

If the user of EasyFeedback.com is not satisfied with the resolution of their claim, we offer legal advice services.

Use of EFTs

Sales generated with the consumption of EFTs in our online store and commissions generated by its use.