What is Solismea?

SOLISMEA is a brand new service on the market, offering a solution for a low energy cost and eco-friendly way of mining cryptocurrency. We are working with the latest technologies available to keep carbon footprint on a minimum while maximizing efficiency. In the following three years, we are developing the infrastructure for a powerful, dynamically expandable and extremely cost efficient cryptominer farm.



TOYKEN is the branded cryptocurrency of B.A. Toys, specialty Toy Retailer since 2010 with primary focus on video game toys, anime, sci-fi and horror themes hard-to-find collectibles. We have massive potential in our unique, non-conventional proven specialty retail method, with a hook. You WANT our toys.

Blending non-conventional inventory strategies and conventional day-to-day sales techniques with innovative cryptocurrency integration for an immersive, total buying experience at B.A. Toys. Working, proven business model needs to be elevated to the next level for purveyors of toys & collectibles. Our crypto emerging system will attract new customers, keep new customers engaged & help introduce cryptocurrency to a larger, more generalized audience outside the standard crypto demographic of mainly technological-minded individuals.

Our Practical Summation of our 40+ page Toyken white paper:
Toyken represents a melding of our brand’s philosophy, proven business methods, customer expectations and all that encapsulates a total buying experience at B.A. Toys, in the form of a virtual token. Toyken will first be available on The Waves Platform, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, in early 2019. To completely understand Toyken and what it stands for, you must first understand how B.A. Toys came to be, what shaped us along the way & the company we have become.


The Early Years

B.A. Toys was established in 2010. By 2015, sales revenue was in excess of $300,000.00(USD) annually. As a bootstrap startup, our first years of sales were extremely challenging. Bootstrapping a company means starting from nothing. It requires strict budgeting and management accountability. It teaches one how to succeed creatively, stretching resources, networks and money as far as you can. Bootstrapping can rarely be taught; It is a particularly powerful and priceless skill set, one that is severely lacking from cryptocurrency projects.

Our 2nd year we managed to become an involved retailer of Mega Brands’ Mega Bloks construction sets. Fast-forward: We eventually went on to become a preferred Mega Bloks specialty retailer and received the prestigious honor of unveiling new Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and other Mega Bloks set releases & product information, globally. You can find further detail about this monumental achievement, in our full document.

During our 3rd year B.A. Toys experienced a noticeable increase in sales volume due to netting higher prices from older, discontinued toys & collectibles. We had considerable levels of these items. In hindsight, the owner’s intuition played an integral role in our “accidentally-genius” salvation. As he was a collector his entire life, he had trouble letting go of some items he knew would soon be very valuable. The considerable revenue increase resulted in B.A. Toys upending “conventional business practices”.

B.A. Toys-Forged Business Model

Rather than clearing through inventory as quickly as possible, B.A. Toys implemented competitively pricing current merchandise, for only as long as necessary, to pay off the invoice for that specific merchandise. For example, newly released item A is only on sale until item A’s invoice is paid in full. Item A is then warehoused until the item is discontinued and nearly all other competitors are out of stock.

We call this inventory program, B.A. Toys Forecast SIM. A system in which inventory management, duration and storage costs increase overall long-term costs, but results in overall sales revenue increasing at substantial multiples, while customer acquisition costs plummet. Day-to-day customary operations keep customers happy with competitive pricing. Later, more customers are just as pleased paying higher prices, long after an item has been discontinued, due to prolonged availability. This set the stage for Toyken, our B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency.

B.A. Toys’ New Cryptocurrency

Toyken will play an integral role on our website and hopefully in the collector community. As we devote products to B.A. Toys Forecast SIM annually, we will convert said products from US Dollar sales to Toyken sales. Once an item requires Toyken, it can never be purchased on our website for fiat ever again. Only Toyken. We go into this topic IN DEPTH in our Toyken White Paper.

Website Developments & The Power of Toyken
Our website is receiving massive upgrades and developments in the first half of 2019 to handle increased capacity. Our new website will be immersive with innovative, interactive functionality and historical price indexing of/on products in US Dollars and Toyken as necessary, highlighting opportunities and benefits of Toykenomics.

Here’s a sneak peek at future developments for our new & improved platform:

B.A. Toys’ Toy Power℠ Membership
(previously BANOPI) will receive many new features and unique benefits. All Toyken users (& hodlrs) are automatically members of Toy Power℠.

ToyTRAX℠ allows for historical market price gain/loss tracking of items on site, item watch lists, as well as voluntary custodial chain (ownership) documentation for active Collectibles Traders. Think of ToyTRAX, in a general sense, as a portfolio for your toys and more. All powered by Toyken™.

B.A. Toys Marketplace: Third-party selling platform will have a large, active supply of toys & collectibles from third-party sellers. Sellers will be required to list a minimum percentage, around 2-3%, of their total items available on B.A. Toys Marketplace as requiring Toyken™.* We will handle all pricing conversions for the sellers, in real-time weighted averages. They need only click a button to designate their Toyken items.

Bulk Trader

What is Bulk Trader?

Founded in 2018, Bulk Trader exists to connect manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to retailers around the world. As the B2B ecommerce sector is growing rapidly, passing the $1 trillion mark in 2016, the company aims to serve an industry twice as big as B2C supporting an online sales shift of higher order values.


To simplify and empower the world

Bulk Trader provides an opportunity to shop, ship and transact with potential partners under one roof in an ultra secure and transparent blockchain marketplace. Buyers and sellers can connect and trade products on a marketplace that is safe and exclusively built for the local B2B industry.

To strengthen local economies

Bulk Trader gives businesses the opportunity to make worthwhile contributions to their local country and region using a hyperlocal business model and marketing dynamics.

To be an honest and open marketplace for the people of the world

Bulk Trader offers its users the performance, confidentiality, governance, and required processing power they would need before trusting their assets and data to an unseen, commonly shared platform. Using a series of open and globally distributed ledgers, marketplace users can insure validation of interactions that take place between themselves and their customers, partners and suppliers.

More power to the people

In today’s online shopping world, entrepreneurs are looking to toss out old selling tactics and reimagine their approaches to the customer journey. Bulk Trader provides a marketplace that offers the right channel to the right B2B buyer at the right moment. While our buyers get to understand products and services, sellers get an in depth evaluation of their buyers needs comprehensively. Bulk Trader focuses on organisational mindfulness where we link wholesalers and retailers with a high degree of transparency and authenticity.

Top customer service, protection and support

We provide a high quality customer experience through our platform with innovative self service tools and systems where our users are able to give us regular feedback. We value all our users and provide professional help and support through Bulk Traders online portal, Bulk Traders team thinks ahead in finding solutions to the problems that customers face in the day to day movement of goods. We believe that a happy customer is key to long term profitability and growth.


Unique Selling Proposition

Our competitors are companies like Alibaba, Amazon and drop shipping websites including localized eCommerce websites like Ebay.
These company possess a tiny fraction of listed suppliers in Africa and the world; therefore limited in their potential reach. There is no service to suppliers from these companies to countries like South Africa.On the other hand retailers local ecommerce sellers sell products one by one to consumer market requiring a higher profit margin selling products one by one. Therein lies the sweet spot we looking to fill, a one stop shop to sell products in bulk locally and nationally, saving time and money while also stimulating the local and national economy.

This type of marketplace is not easy to build and therefore does not exist in South Africa including many countries of the world. For example its hard to find a supplier for buying nappies in bulk locally, information gets lost on the internet and its hard to decide which supplier is good, lack of buying risk indicators to decide which product to choose and no indication of previous volumes sold. This is a highly sort out product with limited choices available for retail or through distributors and an excellent example of the opportunity available out there.

Why Blockchain?

To promote transparency

All products sold or returned or moved from one point to the other will be moved on a public transparent blockchain

The reason for this is:

  • Smart contracts for business supply management using our platform
  • Goods sent as remittance via donation organizations can be verified to move from place to place when captured on the blockchain
  • As a decentralized community support building mechanism
  • Transparency: all products sold and moved on our platform can be seen by people all over the world
  • Government supply opportunities through which there is an open and consistent accounting of the flow of goods.
  • These are just some of the reasons we are choosing to be pro blockchain

Token use

Tokens can be used to pay for goods on the platform, merchant advertising, vote for changes and updates, unlock rewards and savings, traded and can be staked for additional tokens. A small percentage of tokens will be minted on every transaction made on the network and these rewards will be shared with the various staking token holder networks.