BlockSafe Technologies

What is BlockSafe Technologies about?

BlockSafe Technologies™ is the only US-based company that secures the blockchain ecosystem from all angles: wallets, exchanges, and private blockchains. Using its expansive suite of cybersecurity solutions, BlockSafe Technologies™ introduces stability into an otherwise turbulent market by protecting the blockchain ecosystem at its most vulnerable points: user authentication and interaction. Similarly, BlockSafe Technologies™ has developed proprietary methods of defending permissioned blockchains via transaction authentication, policy enforcement, DDoS mitigation, load balancing, and content filtering.



BlockSafe Technologies™ is a subsidiary company of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for consumers, corporations, and government agencies. BlockSafe Technologies™ has been granted licensing rights to implement and distribute the patented, award-winning cybersecurity technology offered by StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.


How is BSAFE token supposed to increase in value? 

BlockSafe’s BSAFE token delivers a passive income, BlockSafe is taking ten-percent of top-line sales revenues and returning to token holders on a quarterly basis.


What is the BlockSafe Technologies value proposition?

BlockSafe is the only cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting crypto wallets, exchanges and permissions blockchains. BlockSafe’s products are patented; BlockSafe has the first mover advantage. The cybersecurity market to protect the blockchain ecosystem will grow to over $355 Billion dollars in the next three years. BlockSafe is a subsiduary of Strikeforce Technologies, which has been in cybersecurity for over 18 years.


The BSAFE token

We have minted 120,000,000 tokens. During the Pre-STO the price is $0.25 a token. The tokens will increase to $0.50 a token in the STO.


Team members

George Waller, Ram Pemmaraju, Mark L. Kay, Scott Whitman, Dave Mamane, Steve Ferman