The Joy

What is The Joy about?

The Joy – is a marketplace for the consumers and providers of wellness and beauty treatments. Using the services of The Joy, one can book the arrival of the practitioner to any place (your home, your workplace or the hotel) as well as make an appointment in a beauty salon or spa. The Joy provides freelancers and salons with orders, while consumers on the other hand get high quality beauty services at a time and place that is suitable for them. Advertisers can place targeted offline and online advertisements, and companies can arrange promotional campaigns and get big data statistics within the platform.



How is JOY token supposed to increase in value? 

The Joy operates in the real economy, so the demand for Joycoins depends on the company’s core KPIs: number of orders, number of clients, number of practitioners, demand for advertising etc. Token emission is limited and occurs only once. Increasing the audience of users and The Joy’s geographical expansion will lead to increased interest from advertisers and increased circulation of Joycoins within the ecosystem. This will increase the number of transactions andpayments for services with tokens. As a result, there will be increased demand for Joycoins at later stages, therefore supporting the project at the ICO stage is more profitable than buying tokens later on.



What is the The Joy value proposition?

Modern platforms for on-demand beauty services do not have many basic things for customers and freelance practitioners compared to the planned functionality of The Joy. Salon marketplaces have basic functionalities, but comprise inconvenient solutions, illogical monetization models, do not use their resources to advertise partners or gather business information that would be of interest to partners. None of these companies provide franchise opportunities. And targeted offline advertising is not used by any player in the beauty and wellness industry.



The JOY token

2,400,000,000 of Joycoins will be emitted, 1,625,400,000 (68%) of which will be available for sale (including tokens for the referral program). The token price is 0.015 USD. The amount of bonus will depend on the number of tokens sold, reaching a 50% discount. Users need to get Whitelisted through registration on The Joy website:


What is BlueOcean?

The tech industry is rapidly growing. BlueOcean Coin allows you to participate in that growth story by directly investing in an asset-backed token that includes the best medtech companies in Switzerland and Europe.


BlueOcean Ventures’ team has invested in 30+ companies of which several have been successfully exited and 9 have been financed through the team’s first fund BlueOcean Ventures I, since 2008. Before launching BlueOcean Ventures I, BlueOcean team successfully held positions in strategy, finance and senior management in large corporations and start-up companies.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of BOV?

The main value drivers behind BOV are the dividends issued to token holders on the exits from portfolio startups, as sale proceeds of those extits are used to buy back investor’s tokens which is essentially 100% profit sharing.


What is Cryptune?

Cryptune is a software development company, focused on payment processing. They create software to make systems and processes easier and more secure, the mobile industry is growing everyday and Cryptune is building solutions to make payments more flexible and interconnected to the many different outlets and channels.


Cryptune has engineered a Point of Sale Software that runs in different devices. Cryptune’s software is focused in payment processing, these payments can be Traditional Credit and Debit Cards as well as Cash or Cryptocurrency, more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies can be used to make payments using the Cryptune Software. Cryptune has two tokens, one is a utility token CPT used to reward our consumers and members of our ecosystem and our security token CPTS this token is the one offered on this Token sale and it’s attached to our company shares which will pay 5% revenue dividends and has been accepted and will be published at Bancor as soon as the STO ends on February 11th, 2018. Cryptune also has an aggressive innovative Reward system in place to compensate consumers, merchants and sales organizations through our CPT utility Token.


What are the value drivers behind the token price of CPTS?

The main value drivers behind CPTS are the dividends issued to token holders on the earnings from Cryptune Management LLC, which is stated in the whitepaper to be 5% of net revenue of the company.

Tokenmom exchange

What is Tokenmom exchange?

We accomplished many features already and our exchange launched finally and it’s free service for users to trade their tokens or ICO tokens earlier.


Tokenmom Exchange allows all tokens(Ethereum based ERC20 and ERC721) to be traded. No signup, deoposit and withdrwal required. Only with importing user’s existing wallet, creating new tokenmom wallet or logging with Metamask wallet, users can trade their tokens in realtime anywhere, anytime with PC and Mobile.


The best advantage is that users can trade all ethereum based tokens, even if they are not listed on exchange market.


Although the decentralized exchanges are growing around the world, since only market-listed tokens are available for trading, ICO investors have been waiting for their tokens to be listed on the exchange. Tokenmom has made it possible for users to trade all ethereum based tokens via their personal wallets in real time, regardless of the exchange’s listing. This is a big difference from other decentralized exchanges. In addition, even if tokenmom exchange is hacked or closed, it does not have to worry about it because users own still the tokens in their personal wallet. Users only need to thoroughly manage their personal wallet security


What are the value drivers behind the token price of TM?

The main value drivers behind TM are the underlying technical solutions and use cases, such as the TM holders being able to vote for token listing, suggest tokenmom new features and can trade TM coin with other tokens.