What is AsicVault about?

Each of AsicVault secure chips can support thousands of users with their private keys kept in a completely segregated manner. This allows us to build first secure Online Hardware Vault as well as build first secure Decentralized Crypto Exchange. AsicFuel (AVF) will be used as a native coin for fee settlement, discounts and more.

What are the value drivers behind AsicVault token price?

The main value drivers behind the AsiVault token price is the demand for benefits that can be received by using the token in the AsicVault ecosystem and AsicFuel burning. Examples of such benefits in the ecosystem usage would include settling transaction fees and trading at discounted rates. AsicFuel burning reduces the circulating supply of AVF which in turn increases the price if the demand stays the same as before burning.


What is NOVAM about?

NOVAM uses distributed ledger technology and AI to automatically monitor and mitigate IoT threats from the secure boot chain, operating system, mobile application and network. NOVAM also provides auditing & regulatory compliance integration to threat monitoring and detection services to ensure system events are included on an immutable distributed ledger.


What are the value drivers behind MNVM token price?

The main value driver behind MNVM token price is demand for benefits NOVAM offers. NOVAM will approach the market in a collaborative and agnostic way
to integrate in each category by:

  • White Label / OEM
    • Companies pay NOVAM to license and rebrand NOVAM’s IP.
    • This includes paying for custom functionality within a system.
  •  Channel Partner
    •  NOVAM receives % of transaction fee for being a channel partner.


What is REMCO about?

REMCO blockchain solution is a Tokenized money transfer platform with unparalleled speed. Designed for licensed money transmitters, REMCO’s technology platform provides money transmitters, agents and customers a proven “out-of-the” box ledger solution to move money at the speed of thought.


REMCO was carved out by the parent company that has processed 700 000 000 (700 million) USD in the last 24 months. The company holds money transmitter licenses in three US states and mobile payment licenses issued by Central Bank. The parent company process payments for Western Union and the biggest money transmitters. The off-chain version of the Tokenise money transfer method is in pilot in the states of Illinois, Georgia and Maryland, USA and on a run rate of 20 000 000 (20 million) USD by end of 2018.


What are the value drivers behind REMCO token price?

The main value driver behind REMCO token price is demand for tokens by REMCO clients. REMCO has existing clients and access to millions of subscribers from the day 1.


What is CoTrader about?

CoTrader is a 1M usd hardcap for The Uber of investment funds, on mainnet, democratizing the $85 trillion global investment funds industry. Investing well is hard and time consuming, with 1000s of cryptos, ICOs, stocks and more. CoTrader solves this problem with fantasy funds contests and onchain smart funds.


CoTrader’s Smart Funds platform is the world’s first working blockchain investment funds marketplace, which empowers anyone to create or join funds. Cotraders can invest with the best investors.


Fantasy Funds (FF), launching mid October, let contestants win a pool of prize money if their chosen stocks and cryptos outperform others. Observers, or “FF team managers”, can create FF virtual teams and put unlimited money on them, and earn form the managers pool as their FF teams outperform others. Fantasy funds will merge with smart funds.


What are the value drivers behind CoTrader token price?

The main value drivers behind CoTrader token price are token staking and usage. Token usage and staking reduces platform fees, therefore driving up the demand for tokens which results in increase of price. Revenues may buy back CoTrader tokens, which would also be driving up demand. Also 51% token vote can change to new owner which maintains and drives up token demand.


What is ICOVO about?

ICOVO is the world’s first and only ICO platform implementing DAICO that can actualize healthy ICOs. The core of its service is the DAICOVO smart contract, which is based on the concept of DAICO, which was advocated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in January 2018.


Each country’s government is advancing regulation in order to create a healthy environment for ICOs, but this is difficult to achieve for borderless ICOs using only centralized regulation.
We will solve fraud and decrease in project motivation – the problems raised by ICOs – through the decentralized approach of DAICO.


What are the value drivers behind OVO token price?

The OVO token is locked in proportion to the number of project lists increases on the ICOVO Platform, which is the main value driver behind the OVO token price.


The cryptocurrencies that proposed projects listed on the ICOVO platform can use to procure funds are ETH and OVO. Procured funds will be managed by DAICOVO and can be withdrawn by a preset Tap (amount that can be withdrawn per second), though the order of the currency that can be withdrawn is fixed. The mechanism is set up so that ETH shall be withdrawn first, and OVO can be withdrawn only after all ETH has been withdrawn. Thus, OVO will be locked up through DAICOVO to ensure it is not sold immediately in on the market.


What is Wellmee about?

Happier people are up to 20% more productive at work. Wellmee presents the unique Wellmee mobile application, which enhances the overall wellbeing of its users through mentoring, engaging and entertaining. With the Wellmee app, people are more productive and creative, which brings more profit to their employers. To reward their employees, there are Wellmee tokens linked to the app. These tokens are going to have plenty of value in real world marketplaces.


In other words: Win – Win – Win situation.

What are the value drivers behind Wellmee token price?

The main value driver behind the Wellmee token price is the adoption of Wellmee app.


With the right approach Wellmee can focus on most of the important aspects and through personalized content in the app to provide the user of Wellmee app the most suitable content. Having the concept backed by rewarded studies from positive psychology, implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide to unique user unique content based on his or her personality and their needs.


In terms of employers – whether big global corporates or SMEs – they are all struggling to find the way how to make their employees more engaged. With Wellmee app their employees/users will have continually enhanced their wellbeing which will apparently positively affect their attitude at work as well. The merchants on the other hand will have another possibility how to sell their products or services while accepting Wellmee tokens as a payment.


Created business plan shows that the business model is not only feasible but also with this certain SaaS very profitable from fourth year on once there is released the Wellmee 3.0 app.


What is Manufactory about?

The Manufactory vision is not just about the Blockchain but about building a decentralised manufacturing ecosystem which combines all of the benefits that Industry 4.0 can provide. Allowing users to create Decentralised Apps (dApps) that can utilise the data created by Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.

What are the value drivers behind Manufactory token price?

The main value driver behind MFR token price is the adoption of the eco-system and related marketpace, as the token price will be associated with the expansion of those. The larger the eco-system, the higher the demand for the MFR token, which will in turn increase the value.


What is Stackr about?

Stackr is a global long-term savings solution, through which a personalized trust structure allows investors to hold a diversified portfolio of both capital and digital assets. The intersection of traditional finance and modern-day financial technology has enabled Stackr to pioneer this innovative, secure and flexible savings solution.


Saving has long been the cornerstone of wealth generation. As technology evolves, it is apparent that savings solutions need to move forward in a similar manner. Stackr promises exactly this by removing traditional frictions that adversely impact savings solutions, while pioneering machine learning driven investment options within a secure trust structure. Stackr is the first of its kind and at the forefront of intelligent investing.


The core investment choices are the culmination of decades of traditional investment experience combined with cutting-edge machine learning (ML) techniques, curated with an emphasis on delivering long-term sustainable results. Digital asset exposure affords investors an opportunity to track an index of top crypto assets with a protected option against drawdown. Capital asset choices allow investors exposure to global markets, with an ML driven risk management approach facilitating intelligent long-term exposure. Holding options in crypto and fiat furthermore afford investors ultimate flexibility.

What are the value drivers behind Stackr token price?

The main value drivers behind STKR token price are the token buy-and-burn program,  up to 50% fee discount for token stakers and referral reward program:


  • Token Buy-and-Burn: 25% of the net profit after tax of all Stackr operations, or 10% of the Stackr Trust Account revenue (whichever is the highest) will be used to buy and burn STKR off the open market in perpetuity.
  • Staking for Discounts: Account holders can reduce the Stackr Trust Account fee by up to 50% by staking STKR tokens.
  • A Reward for Referral Activity: 10% of all STKR tokens has been reserved to reward holders of Stackr Trust Accounts who refer new users to Stackr.


The STKR token has several functions within the Stackr Solution. These functions define the utility of STKR and underpin the demand that will drive the value of STKR. STKR is crucial for the ultimate success of the Stackr Solution as it is intended to stimulate mass user adoption.

Natmin Pure Escrow

What is Natmin Pure Escrow about?

Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized application that provides pure Escrow Services built on Blockchain Technology. They aim to revolutionize the Escrow industry by utilizing Blockchain Technology to facilitate Escrow transactions for a fraction of the price of conventional Escrow services.


Natmin is a self-regulating system that provides secure transactions between the buyer and seller with extremely low fees. Natmin utilizes smart contract technology to implement and regulate Escrow transactions. This removes the need for a middleman, thus reducing transaction costs and the possibility of fraud.


The Natmin Token (NAT) ensures utmost security and peace of mind between the buyer and seller. It is built on the widely used and accepted ERC20 / ERC223 standard using the Ethereum Blockchain.

What are the value drivers behind Natmin Pure Escrow token price?

The main value driver behind NAT token price is the adaptation of the platform, which affects the demand for NAT tokens.


What is TrustBar about?

TrustBar is a Decentralized Cross-Chain Exchange. TrustBar is a highly anticipated project that is creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO blockchain. TrustBar is a decentralized crypto exchange that enables an individual or institutions to trade with another cryptocurrencies and tokens. Using a smart matching engine, TrustBar enables the seamless cross-chain exchanges of currencies and tokens. The exchange will deliver state of the art security while also providing speed and ease of use.


What are the value drivers behind TrustBar token price?

The main value drivers behind TrustBar token price is the estimated future cash flow which affects the dividends, trading fee discounts and token buyback scheme. Investors who purchase a minimum of 2000 TSB will receive monthly dividends from the profits generated from the exchange. Token holders will also receive trading fee discounts. Once the exchange is up and running a buyback scheme will be implemented where tokens will be bought on the open market and burned.