What is iZiCoin about?

iZiCoin aims to facilitate our iZiFinance users’s on doing financial transactions, with a decentralised currency that allows those transactions to be completed in a quick, safe and organised way, without having to exhaust yourself with the numerous bureaucratic processes that are usually along the way.


To achieve the project goals iZiCoin has developed a financial app named iZiFinance, that will also be a platform to trade and use your iZiCoins. Besides that, 60% of the generated revenue will be pushed back into the real state investments, providing passive income generating stability to the coin.


What are the value drivers behind iZiCoin token price?

The main value drivers behind iZiCoin token price are the demand created by iZiFinance users, and real state investments that back the value of the tokens.


What is Zigilua about?

The Zigilua platform is being developed to transform you into virtual currency. Zigilua is developing our blockchain so that people and institutions can become virtual currencies, without any cost, and you still earn currency.


With Zigilua, you create your own currency or buy it from other users, in a simple and intuitive process.


What are the value drivers behind Zigilua token price?

Most of Zigiluas resources are meant to be used to advertising and value generation. Having a small team, very skilled, with more than 10 years of experience in development and business they can create a robust and powerful product to achieve our goal – an awesome, friendly and cheap platform which even someone without any knowledge of digital coin will be able to creat his own token, for a very affordable price.


Their platform will have a fixed price to create personal tokens – 0.25 USD – regardless of market cap fluctuation.


Among their target are influencers who wants to promote themselves and non profit organizations that needs to raise funds accordingly to their needs. Their platform can achieve this.


Zigilua already exists since 2011, with an active social media and registered trademark in Brazil. They now are moving our platform based on physical database to our own disruptive blockchain.

Trecento Blockchain Capital

What is Trecento about?

For generate best returns for our investors by capturing the best business opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology through our 4 investment funds.

360° vision:
ICO funds ( private sales)
Crypto trading arbitrage fund
VC fund (serie B)
Fund of funds

All the 4 investment funds are within a safe and regulated environment.


What are the value drivers behind Trecento token price?

The main value drivers behind TOT token price are the price development of the underlying assets, the 4 investment funds. Improvements in the performance of the 4 investment funds will positively affect the token price.


What is BOLT about?

BOLT Global, powered by Zilliqa (and the BOLT Token) will be designed to host a new generation of decentralised services for the next 6 billion people in emerging markets.


The BOLT token is also envisaged as a medium for producers of content and services to be able to monetise their efforts, without the need for distributors and middlemen.

BOLT: Bistonic started trading BOLT.

Over the last hour Bitsonic has opened up a trading pair for Bitsonic IEO participants to trade their BOLT tokens for the Bitsonic Token (BSC). Over this period, BOLT has seen a 20x increase from ICO price (at 0.03 USD), with over 3.5billion KRW (3.1m USD) of trading volume recorded to date. Each BOLT is now trading at approx 712 KRW or 0.63 USD.

We will announce the timing of BOLT’s listing on a CEX (dual listing with Switcheo DEX) this week, which will be available for trading by all holders of BOLT.

What are the value drivers behind BOLT token price?

The main value drivers behind BOLT token price are the benefits provided by BOLT Token for the token holders, since can use the BOLT token to pay for any fees on the platform; including but not limited to:
1. Access to BOLT service (unlimited content, limited time)
2. Advertising Inventory
3. Premium Content e.g. Cricket World Cup (BOLT token only)
4. Micro Data Bundles (BOLT Token only).


BOLT has already raised USD 9,000,000!


What is CitiCash about?

Citicash is about great user experience for people wanting to use cryptocurrencies in daily life. It aims to help mass adoption through integration of debit card payments and simple user friendly wallet, while focusing heavily on privacy and security. The coin is minable and ASIC resistant, so that everyone always has a chance to participate in mining and contribute to decentralization.


What are the value drivers behind CitiCash token price?

CitiCash token plans to be used a lot through debit card payments and to get a technological advantage over similar currencies, which are the main value drivers behind CitiCash token price.


What is BlokBiz about?

BlokBiz is a crowdfunding platform within the cryptocurrency segment. Their goal is to build a platform where all the listed ICOs are thoroughly checked by their team using globally approved compliance and AML methods. Only those companies can appear their our platform which fully passing on the aforementioned procedures. Investors can browse on their platfrom for ICO investments knowing that every company is carefully checked and rated.

BlokBiz also sends out the funded amounts to the companies in installments based on their budget plan and the progress in the project. If the project does not proceed the funded amounts will be sent back to the investors. Their tools for achieving these goals are 24/7 customer service, professionalism, strict policies, helpful attitude and dedicated project managers for enrolled ICOs to maximize supervision and productivity.


What are the value drivers behind BlokBiz token price?

BlokBiz’s goal is to provide a surface where our customers can invest in viable projects knowing that their invested funds are in company that is fully monitored and supervised. They believe that they provide a solution that is very well demanded by the market and it can grow widely used and popular. Owners of XBZ tokens will be able to use the tokens to reduce their transaction costs when investing in a company within the BlokBiz portal, which will affect the demand for the token and is therefore the main driver behind BlockBiz token price.


What is Vertex about?

Blockchain and data centres powered by green energy. Building a stack for business that is sustainable and solves real business issues. Global team, global vision.


What are the value drivers behind Vertex token price?

VTEX tokens underpin the whole Vertex ecosystem: Token purchases within the Vertex platform can only be done using the VTEX token and the ICOs that Vertex buys into will be required to take a part of the payment in VTEX tokens. This will allow the utility of the VTEX token to grow as the ecosystem becomes more robust, and demand for high quality ICOs from investors will be the main driver behind Vertex token price.

Internet of Values

What is Internet of Values about?

IOV provides blockchain solutions that empower people to securely and seamlessly exchange and manage digital assets on the blockchain. IOV introduces a DNS-like protocol, a Blockchain Name Service, which is a registry for all the blockchain names and the value addresses on IOV’s Blockchain Communication Protocol. IOV’s universal protocol, the BCP, is a set of standards that allows all blockchains to trade and interoperate with one another.


What are the value drivers behind Internet of Values token price?

The main value drivers behind IOV token price are the facts that IOV is used to buy, register and update names on the IOV Blockchain, and the token is also the stake for the IOV Blockchain.